Monday, September 17, 2012

Casuals for Vertigo

It’s nice to be back!!!! Its been a long time since I had my last post, it’s because I’m a little bit busy with my new job (I just transferred to a different company) heheheh... I don’t have time yet to have a pictorial and buy some Vertigo outfits, due to my busy work schedule. By the way just to share something, I just had my vacation in Dumaguete City last September 8-10 with my 2 dearest friends, Nick and Mc Ron Neall (I will soon share my escapade).  Here are some outfits which can be a tip for you mix and match, it might be available soon in Vertigo Collections by Mean Gays.. hehehe (hoping!!!)

TOP MAN: 1. Green Stripe Bird Print Sweatshirt 2. Red Ultra Skinny Trousers 3. Wire Pu Plimsoll 4. Tan Leather Bag 5. Led Textured Strap Watch 6 Ray ban Shades 7. Leopard Dip Dye Sweatshirt 8. Villain Steve Chinos       9. Wire Pu Plimsoll  10. Leather Sling Briefcase Bag

TOP MAN: 1. Multi-Colored Print Sweatshirt 2. Striped Denim Short 3. Combat Lo Boot 4.Grey Marl Printed Sweatshirt 5. Grey Jacquard Tailored Short 6. Ralphy Fashion Lace Up Shoe 7. White Quilt Patch Polo 8. Green Cropped Shorts 9. Fiz Smart Pointed Shoes 10. Led Textured Strap Watch 11. Shimla Luxury Crafted Bracelet 12. Shimla Luxury Elite Bracelet 13. Shimla Luxury Icon Cross Bracelet 14 & 15 Ray ban Shades 16. Red Printed Hertiage Rucksack 17. Tan Leather Zip Briefcase 18. Black and White Nylon Rucksack

Hope you like these outfits and find it useful  to you.


Monday, August 20, 2012


As what I always mentioned in my blog and facebook we are about to launch the  newest and the coolest brand that will soon invade Cebu and Davao, that's CHICCAT (accessories) and VERTIGO (clothing). We decided to launch first in Cebu and Davao because we are based in Cebu and my friend Gabby will soon be moving to Davao (so she will be responsible for the Davao orders) hehehe. We will also accept orders in any part of the Philippines.

Below are some VERTIGO Collections that we wear for our blogs. (VERTIGO is not for clothing only but we also have shoes)



Here are some proof that we are patronizing our own brand CHICCAT..

CHICCAT ACCESSORIES by Gabrielle Taduran

There are few bloggers who asked if where did we buy VERTIGO and CHICCAT, now its time for you to know because I will give you a sneak peek before we will officially launch it.. For bloggers, this is a privilege that we will give you, so hope you like it...hehehe


Thursday, August 16, 2012


Meet my fanstic friends (THE BARBIES-not the BRATZ) hehehe. I meet them three months ago @ VECTOR BPO, at first we are not that close but as time goes by and the things that we have in common (about fashion, food, characteristics and many more) hahaha we just noticed that our day is not complete without seeing each other and if someone will not share a "chika"... hahaha

Top of the list is Gabrielle Kareen Taduran:
She is a the only girl in the group (girl by features but gay at heart) heheheh. She is the one who influenced us to make a fashion blog, because she has an eye for fashion and she is also a fashion designer, she is very talented. (it shows on her blog

Meet Mac Ronnel Abangan aka BLAIRE:
She is the silent/demure type of all the gays in the group (but during parties, she's not) hahaha.. She also has an eye for fashion as influenced by Gabby, were in she also got addicted about her blog ( as in ADDICTED because she's just focusing making her blog most of the time, even at work..hahaha She fond ADAM GALLAGHER very much.. hehehe

Give way to the most alluring one ROMNICK ARBAS aka NICKY MINAJ:
Nick is the creative director of the group, he is responsible of our videos (CALL ME MAYBE ,CALIFORNIA GIRLS and soon to be launch GET THE PARTY STARTED) hahaha. He is also the camera man most of the time. On the other side, he is very intelligent and such a good friend. He is so busy with his new career right now as a TRAINER in TYF. hehehe (NOTE: He is already taken) hehehe.

Down to my last talented friend Jan Alfie Bartolome aka EMPOY:
Speaking of talent, he is at the front row. He can sketch gowns/dresses perfectly, he has good fashion sense, a blogger, he has a very nice voice as evident to that he is a finalist of SINULOG IDOL 2011 and TELETECH IDOL and he is also a marvelous theater actor which shows to his latest play "BERDE" which is still running until the end of September at CAP Auditorium. Nothing more I can say about him. The other side of Empoy is that he is such a funny person, super "KALOG" and down to earth individual. Unfortunately he will be soon  leaving Pinas. We will surely miss.

That's my friends and I'm their GARBOSA mother, the mother of all BARBIES.. hehehe About our look by the way its is inspired by the GREEK IONIC COLUMNS which can be seen at Cebu City Capitol Building, but unfortunately when we had our shoot there, the SG's informed us that is not permitted, so we found this small replica still in capitol vicinity and immediately grab the chance to project our outfits using that small ionic column as our prop..

Hope you like it.. Most of our outfits by the way are from "VERTIGO COLLECTION" and "CHICCAT ACCESSORIES" which will soon to invade Cebu and DAVAO... Just keep visiting our blog if you are interested.. Thanks..


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

At the TOP

This is the first time we had our shoot, after two weeks of brainstorming if where will be the location and the theme for the shoot, we had decided to shoot at the roof top of our office because the vicinity looks rare and perfect for the pictures of our group in facebook ( launching for VECTOR WAVE 10)..hehehe For the theme, we decided "daily/office outfits"..hahaha

Before the shoot, we sojourn at the training room and have some make ups on and rehearsals for our projections.. hahaha Hair iron, eye shadows, blushes, and lip glosses are everywhere just to speed up everything and get started with the shoot. During the actual shoot we take turns to be as camera man and model. Even it's raining and windy, but still the show must go on.

After that first shoot we had, thats the time that we got addicted, we had shoot every now and then, even lunch breaks during our training classes.. Funny it may be but we had most of our outfit shoots taken at the roof top, because it is accessible, convenient, and a perfect place (we just used different angles, for it to look different)..hehehe As a testament to that below are the photograph taken. Just see it for your self.. hehehe

Credits to my friends Romnick Arbas, Gabrielle Kareen Taduran, McRon Neall aka Blaire and Dane aka Shark Owel (MODELS AND CAMERA MAN)


Monday, August 13, 2012

Must Have Before Year Ends

Before 2012 ends, I need to achieve this Make-up paraphernalia for me to start back my craft and business.. hehehe. By the way I'll be taking Advance Make-Up classes this December @ FIDA (Fashion Institute of Design & Arts-CEBU).. I'm so excited, can't wait... Below are the MUST HAVES Mac Cosmetics...

                                                            MAC 32 Set Brush

As a make-up artist the first thing that you need to consider are your BRUSHES/SPONGES, make sure that everything is new or clean to avoid germs and infection/irritation. When purchasing make up brush I can recommend to buy SET not per PIECE, because efficiently you can save if you will go set (you have a lot of choices). Rule of thumb: after using, clean your brushes (either with running water or oil) as long as the excess make up will be remove.

                                              MAC Multi-Color 44 Colors Eyeshadow

Before blending the colors, think first and make sure that you will choose a color that will fit to your  skin tone. Use colors that will match to the occasion, if its a morning event use a light color eyeshadow while for evening you may use dark but not to much. Choose a Multi-color eyeshadow for you to have choices.

                                                         MAC Blush Palettes

For make up its a must that you have a blush on your cheeks to add rosiness and for you to look fresh. During day time choose a pink blush and just apply a little ,but during gimmick or parties add a little bit more.. I personally love BRONZER when i apply make up to my customers, it looks like classy for me.

                                                   MAC Bright Matte Lipstick

Say goodbye to a glossy red lipstick and say hello to Matte lipstick, for sure it will really add on to your look. You will look venerable but still look like sexy-innocent chic lady.

     MAC Lip gloss, MAC Liquid Eye Liner & MAC Mascara Volume+Length

This three cosmetics needs to go together, its the basic make up that can use on a daily basis, even on the beach you need to put on lip gloss for protection. When you have a small eyes and a long lashes, the moment you apply mascara your eyes will appear a normal size and it will add accent to your lashes. Eyeliner will help your eyes look awake and fresh (Be careful in applying liqiud or pencil eyeliner, check it from time to time).

RULE OF THUMB: Disposed your make ups after 6-8 months from the day it was used... read instructions carefully....

Be Beautiful...

Hope you learn something from my blog... Watch out for my masterpieces...SOON..


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stripes & Bow

                     F21 Stripes Long Sleeves Vertigo Polo Shirt Chiccat Accessories F&H Gray Jeans      
                                    PeoplearePeople High Cut Shoes Chiccat Heart Print Bow Tie

As always this post was taken after the shift, nothing new. Hehehe But before when we had our shoots its 5 of us who always take turns to be as a camera man and as a model but unfortunately its only 2 of us remaining (Me and Gabby, since Blaire was absent busy editing his blog..hehehe). Well, before projecting our outfits we had our breakfast and chats @ McDonalds since are tummies were craving for a fries and float. Hehehe 

This was taken at Escario Central near 7-Eleven in Escario since the location will match the theme of my outfit, with the shades of green and blue for sure will bring out the accent of my heart print bow tie accomplished by my friend Gabrielle Kareen Taduran… Heheheh

Nothing more to say, just check the pics how the bow tie and stripes complement with each other.. NOTE: It may look like an animal print bow tie but when you look closer its actually a heart print). Hehehe

Please watch out for the launch of our clothing and accessories line “VERTIGO” and "CHICCAT"… SOON!!! Hehehe


Friday, August 10, 2012


       Camela Polo Vertigo Checkered Fit shorts Vertigo Red Loafers Vertigo Leather Bag  
                            Cadillac Silver Watch Rayban Shades Chiccat Necklace

To contradict this time from my previous post which is #SUNNY SIDEWALK, this time the shoot was at our office basement in a COLD-RAINY Morning... hahaha.  ,"Theme"  was in for my posts...hehehe.

The original plan was to shoot  in Ayala Center Cebu PUJ terminal, but after the shift, heavy rain pours down the street, so we cinch to go to the basement and look for a nice angle to project our outfits.. hehehe But we enjoyed it a lot. After the shoot our tummies was looking for something, so we went to McDonalds for a 50 peso treat, and avail for their FREE WIFI to edit the pics (NOTE: We are using playbook and cellphones as our camera).. hehehe That makes our day for our exciting and unplanned location shoot. hehehe

It was really delirious when everthing you plan ahead of time turn out not meant for that day BUT for Professionals  "THE SHOW MUST GO ON".

Tips: Be prepared eventhough things will not run smoothly as what you have plan to do, but still be creative and think for a second option because sometimes UNPLANNED THINGS WILL BRING OUT BEST RESULTS THAN THINGS WHICH WE PLAN..

Hope you like it...